"Selling my old VHS player seemed a daunting task- I thought I might just give it to Good Will or try it in a yard sale. I'm on a fixed income though and rarely get into town, so Nathaniel came and picked up my stuff. To my shock, he was able to sell the VHS player in about a week's time and he mailed me a check. Now, it wasn't much, but it did help me buy cat food for my companions!"
-M.E., Washington, Maine

"I have had Wild Rufus Consignment sell several rare sweaters for me as well as other articles of clothing and even a vintage quilt! He quickly put me in queue and in almost no time had cut me a check for the items he sold. I was rid of some extra clutter on my shelves and had some spending money in my pocket. he was well-deserved of that commission."
J.B., Lincolnville